A vibrant, mixed-use community, with homes, offices, shopping, parks and amenities, Lansdowne will be the hub of Richmond’s City Centre. A prosperous retail neighbourhood, an exciting and convenient meeting place, and a safe, green and comfortable place to live and play. Sustainable, resilient, liveable and convenient: the new Lansdowne will be Richmond’s go-to place to live, shop, work and play for generations to come. 


1. Civic Plaza

The Civic Plaza, at the doorstep of the Lansdowne SkyTrain Station, will become Richmond’s town square. This gateway to the Lansdowne community will be a gathering and celebration space for the whole city. Here transit will meet a vibrant commercial core. An opportunity to create a vibrant new town square and connection point in the heart of Richmond.


2. Mixed-Use Spaces

With celebration spaces, shops, offices, cafes and restaurants, the No. 3 Road commercial precinct will anchor the Lansdowne Village Centre, while a wide
array of homes and amenities round out this transit-oriented community.


3. Centre Park & Event Space

This lush and robust public park will provide a recreational space for the immediate neighbours and a beautiful, sustainable and accessible festival, event and celebration place for the whole city.


4. Greenways

Even as new auto routes improve vehicle access to and through the city centre, green walkways will enrich natural habitat, provide peaceful pedestrian linkages and bolster regional stormwater management.


5. Residential Housing

The Lansdowne community will include a diverse range of housing types, including affordable housing, townhomes, mid-rise, and condominiums. Linked by great green spaces, there will be easy access to convenient services and excellent transit.