In order for a vision to successfully be implemented, a plan must reflect community priorities and have the support of community stakeholders. To this end, extensive public engagement has informed the current Master Plan proposal for the future Lansdowne Mall. Public consultation serves as an essential part of any major planning process as it helps to create a solid understanding of where a community’s priorities and aspirations for the future lie. Over the last 12 months, we have met with and heard from a diverse range of community organizations and stakeholder groups to discuss matters of housing, public realm, seniors needs, accessibility, and active transportation.

Below provides an overview of the community engagement Vanprop has undertaken to date:

2865_Engagement Diagram.jpg

The concept for Lansdowne Mall has evolved as a result of local policies and the robust community feedback received to date, and it will continue to be refined as the Master Planning and Rezoning processes continue. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

We welcome any and all of your questions and comments.