Plazas, parks, promenades, public art and public open spaces: Lansdowne’s 50-acre property offers Richmond the canvas on which to create a vibrant Downtown District for all residents. The front door, to Lansdowne and to Richmond, will surely be the Civic Plaza – the go-to place for everything from community events to celebrations. Mere steps away, the five-plus acre Centre Park and Event Space will serve as a neighbourhood green and urban garden for locals and, on special occasions, a playground for the whole city – the perfect staging area for festivals and concerts.

A linear park, running the whole length of Lansdowne Road, will connect the park to the Civic Plaza and a smaller neighbourhood park at the corner of Kwantlen Street. And every element in the development will connect along lushly landscaped and artistically appointed streets and greenways, making the whole community walkable – and irresistible – for residents, workers and visitors alike.