A truly sustainable neighbourhood must be efficient, resilient and economically and ecologically successful, all with a fraction of the “typical” environmental footprint – and Lansdowne will meet that challenge. The District Energy Utility will maximize energy efficiency by providing centralized low-carbon, heating, cooling and domestic hot water to the entire Lansdowne community, and in the future, will be scalable to support nearby properties. Stormwater and flood-management features will safeguard this block and improve environmental performance in the neighbourhood.

Parks and greenways will clear the air, provide pathways for pollinators and other urban fauna, increase biodiversity, and aid in climate change mitigation and adaptation. And the open spaces, landscaping and public art will all contribute to livability and to the health of residents. With residences built to high environmental standards and a commercial district that provides both employment and all the services a complete community needs, Lansdowne delivers what the CCAP envisioned as a “healthy urban neighbourhood(s), where people can live, work, play and learn in a sustainable, high-amenity environment.”